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Do you really want to know what women think of men? More importantly, do you want to know what they are looking for in a man? Then read on, as this Hungarian and English vixen breaks it down in simple detail while also offering her best 10 pointers to score!

Look guys, women aren’t as difficult as you make them out to be. Women-just like men-are looking for good company, but it’s the little things that go a long way. Put down your wallet and your weight sets and read this article; with advice like this, you’ll be sliding into home plate while your buddies spend the rest of the evening shagging fly balls.

Courtney please give us some tips on how we could go from backup orchestra to leading fiddle.

The problem with men is that they watch way too much television and listen to way too much rap. Men are enamored with what’s on TV and it leads them to believe that all women want is money and the material goods that come with it. The bottom line is the simple fact that some women (specifically gold diggers) need materialism but a real woman just wants a man who can make her laugh while also knowing how to hold his own. Simply put, women want to feel confident and secure when they stand by their man. We don’t like pushovers! I myself will be the first to admit that I can become feisty, and most women will deliberately challenge their men so they can see what they can get away with. The bottom line: women don’t want samplers; they want the main course that keeps them fed emotionally yet yearning for more.

What is your definition of good sex?

To me, good sex relies on just how well a man can move his hips and his lips. Of course it doesn’t hurt to be good looking, funny, goal-oriented, and down to earth. Also, any man who can be empathetic and sincere definitely scores extra points, but the little things also count for a lot. In the end, you have to feed us emotionally because chivalry will make any woman’s blood run thick, and we all know where that leads. Simply put: control her mind and her body is sure to follow.

Guys, here are 10 tips direct from Courtney on what to do and what not to do when it comes to women. Takes notes: